Created in 2008 as a non-profit organization, the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster (CML) brings the Blue Economy of the Grand-Duchy to the fore. Member companies and institutions represent proudly and convincingly the local maritime business community, domestic and abroad. Members of the Cluster offer together a wide variety of maritime business experience and expertise: shipping, dredging, classification, ship brokerage, banking, law, consultancy & audit, insurance, security and safety, railway and maritime logistics.

Since 2011 the CML holds the Vice-Presidency and the General Secretary of the European Network of Maritime Clusters.

Our commitment

  •     Promote the interest of the maritime sector
  •     Bring all professionals of the Blue Economy together
  •     “Nail our colours to the mast”


Mr. Jeannot Krecké

Honorary Chairman of the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster, former Minister for the Ecnomy and the Foreign Trade






"A landlocked country, this was definitively not the best assumption to develop the maritime sector in Luxembourg.

However, the maritime sector has always been a globalized industry and our aim was to further diversify the country's economy and its financial and service sectors in particular. On November 9th, 1990, the Luxembourg public maritime registry was born and, despite the fact that it had to face sometimes “rough waters”, it has been very successful.

If today the "Roude Leif", the Red Lion flag, has found its place among traditional European maritime flags, the global success and the credibility the register enjoys, are largely due to the importance given, right from the outset, to high standards of quality requested from the administration in regards to the management of the registry.

Today, hundreds of shipping companies are accredited here and their activities are not limited to the management of Luxembourg flagged ships.

Many economic activities, some more others less closely linked to the shipping industry, have developed in the country: consulting firms, law offices, companies active in homologation and certification, financial institutes, insurance companies and P&I Clubs provide services directly linked to the maritime sector.

Strong committed members in the Maritime Cluster and a Minister that has a passionate relation with the sea through his passion as a sailor, these were the best ingredients to develop furthermore our maritime sector."





















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